Library: Seattle, WA (Fremont Branch)

Fremont Branch
731 N. 35th St.
Seattle, WA 98103

Happy Summer Solstice! What better day than today to share this post on the Fremont Branch of the Seattle Library System?

The good folks in Fremont take Summer Solstice seriously and have been celebrating it since 1972 with their very own Fremont Fair. I’ve recently returned from a trip to visit family in Seattle and although I left just prior to the Fair I did get to visit the beautiful Fremont Branch Library. We made a quick stop there one afternoon to pick up next month’s book club selection (A Visit from the Goon Squad). I’ve been to this branch before and was happy to have my camera along as this is one unique and beautiful Carnegie library.

About the library:

  • Grant date: January 6, 1901. (From what I gather, Seattle received a lump sum from Carnegie for a main library and branch libraries. $35,000 was set aside for Fremont).
  • Fremont Branch opened: July 27, 1921
  • Architect: Daniel R. Huntington
  • Style: Mission

Depending on which source you consult, the twenty year delay from the grant award to the library’s completion was due to budget issues, World War I, or the residents of Fremont not being able to agree on where they wanted the branch or what design they preferred. Click here for a history of the library in Fremont written by David Wilma on Washington State’s

The distinctive white stucco and red tile make you want to stop and admire the design.
Running into the front entrance.
The main room to the left. Circulation.
The main room when you walk in to the right. Standing at reference.

A vertical shot so you can see the height of the warm, wood ceiling.
Window detail.

Back door, office windows to the right.

Book return.
New plaque from the major renovation completed in 2005.

“Seattle Public Library, Fremont Branch. This building was erected in the year nineteen hundred twenty one with funds provided by Andrew Carnegie. Generous contributions from local residents formed a substantial part of the purchase price of the site.”

I wish I had more pictures to share of this beautiful library, but as we were parked a wee bit illegally, this was a grab and dash visit.

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  1. I looooooved Fremont when we visited Seattle, but sadly did not make it to their library! Will add to my growing list of things to do “next time.” 🙂 Great post!!


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