American Revolution: Sign-up Post for War Through the Generations 2013

This is the second year I’ll be joining War Through The Generation’s reading challenge. The focus of 2013 is The American Revolutionary War. I’m signing up at the Dip Level: “Read 1-3 books in any genre with the American Revolution as a primary or secondary theme.”

I haven’t read much about the American Revolution, but reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Washington got me a bit more curious about it, particularly about what it was like to live through it (rather than the causes, strategies, etc.).

The only book I already know I’ll read for the challenge is Memoir of a Revolutionary Soldier: The Narrative of Joseph Plumb Martin (1830).  I picked it up a few years ago because I thought it would be interesting to read an account of what the war was like through the eyes of a foot soldier.

If you’re like me and haven’t read much about the American Revolution, here’s a list of recommended reading and then here’s a link to the sign-up page.

Author: Chris Wolak

I'm cohost of the podcast Book Cougars: Two Middle-Aged Women on the Hunt for a Good Read and write about books and libraries on my blog, WildmooBooks.

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