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Book Cougars National Poetry Month Celebration

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I mentioned in the last post that my Book Cougars cohost Emily and I were up to something for National Poetry Month. What we’ve done is ask a bunch of our friends to record themselves reading a favorite poem and each day in April we’ll share one of those poems over on our shiny new YouTube channel.

Here’s our kick off video from April 1st featuring yours truly.  (April Fool’s Day, Easter, Passover, and National Poetry month all rolled into one…there’s a hell of a joke in there somewhere).

I’m not planning on posting more of the videos here on WildmooBooks, but I will create a list that I’ll update every few days just to have a record here.

1. “Books” by Hermann Hesse read by Chris Wolak
2. “Just Up” by Steven Barza read by Emily Fine
3. “On a Picture of a Black Centaur by Edmund Dulac” by William Butler Yeats read by Martin Seay

If you’re interested in poetry, please do subscribe to this series over on YouTube or follow the Book Cougars on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy National Poetry Month!

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  1. Thanks to you and Emily for reminding me about National Poetry Month. I just picked up a few books of poetry at the library this past week and hope to get to them during the readathon at the end of the month. In the meantime, I have to go catch up with your poems on your YouTube channel.

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