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About Me

Most of my adult life has been spent working with or around books. I’ve worked as a college English professor, a bookseller & district marketing manager for Borders, and in both academic and public libraries. I’ve also held jobs in factories, hospitals, and served in the Marine Corps. Originally from Chicago, I’ve lived around the US and now call Connecticut home. My non-bookish interests include hiking, paddling, road trips, and gardening. I’m co-founder of Road to Success℠ with my wife Laura Thoma.

I’ve been blogging about the books I read, the libraries I visit, and other bookish topics since January 2010. I started this blog shortly after stepping down as a manager at Borders. Although I continued to work as a part-time bookseller until the company’s demise, I missed the daily interaction with books and book people. This blog helped fill that void. I’ve made some wonderful friends through blogging. In both real life and online, my tribe has always been book people.

Book Podcast: I’m also co-host of the podcast, Book Cougars: Two Middle Aged Women on the Hunt for a Good Read. Give us a listen at bookcougars.com or find us on iTunes.

WildmooBooks . . . why the goofy name?

Chris Wolak WildmooBooks Borders 173 Wheaton, ILI have an affinity for cows and years ago my mom gave me a cow-print sweater (I swear it was in fashion at the time). I was often moo’ed at by students and friends when wearing said sweater, which morphed into calling me Moo.

Then one day while driving a little too fast (behavior I do not condone) the words “wild” and “moo” came together and there you have it. I also like to draw and the cow in my logo above is one of my cartoon characters. WildmooBooks seemed like a fun name for a blog and, as a recovering literary snob, it helps remind me to have fun.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me using the form below.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Happy reading!


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