•  Are you tired of feeling adrift and disconnected from yourself?
  •  Have you lost your sense of playfulness and fear its gone forever?
  •  Do you feel like you are meant for bigger things but don't know what they are or how to find them?

Mastering the Art of Self-Expression is an interactive full-color workbook based on Laura Thoma’s successful in-person and online workshop, Creative Journaling 101. This instructive workbook takes you on a journey to reconnect with your creative spirit through self-exploration and play. You practice non-judgment and mindfulness while reclaiming your refrigerator art. The exercises show you your strength and courage while freeing your sense of humor. Also included are mini-motivators, reflection pages, and space to doodle, ponder, and brainstorm. 

MASTERING THE ART OF SELF-EXPRESSION is a joyful labor of love born out of Laura's own experience, honed by years of participants doing the work in her workshops, and now released into the wild to help others find themselves in the pages of their journals.


Mastering the Art of Self-Expression is the key to unleashing the power of your self-expression. Designed to reawaken your creative side, it will empower you to listen to yourself, reclaim your refrigerator art, and start on a journey of creating and living the life of your dreams.

Powerful Engaging Recipes

This workbook is chock full of delicious recipes (a.k.a., exercises) to get your creative juices flowing and open you up to a whole new world of self-reflection.


With fun and innovative wholebrain tools and skills that'll enhance your journaling experience AND your life.

Target - You Got This!


You'll learn the power of mini-motivators and taking the time to sit, ponder, and doodle.

Hints & Options

To help you get more out of the recipes. Have more fun, go deeper into the exercise, connect with YOU! 

Colorful Student Examples

Be inspired by the work of students in Laura's original in-person Creative Journaling Group. Creations from women just like you who found themelves in the pages of their journals. 

Full Color Glossary

Just 'cause it's fun & helpful!! 

What people are saying about Mastering the Art of Self-Expression:

Not every student learns in the same way, and Laura Thoma has tapped into the many different ways to stimulate creativity with her wonderful workbook: Mastering the Art of Self-Expression. This Creative Journaling Workbook introduces readers to a variety of methods and practices to encourage and sustain creativity. Using a "cookbook" format, Thoma takes readers through various practices separated into sections labeled Appetizers, Entrees, and Journal Maintenance. Each practice is thoroughly explained, includes step-by-step instructions, colorful photographs and artwork, as well as space to begin the practice.  

Designed for those who enjoy journaling, this workbook may also serve as a starting point for many other forms of art.  

Mastering the Art of Self-Expression: A Creative Journaling Workbook by Laura Thoma is an excellent resource for those who are new to journaling as well as those who seek new insight and creative stimulation for their practice.

Lisa Cobb Sabatini review on Goodreads

“Not only did I realize how little time I actually take to do things for myself, Mastering the Art of Self-Expression opened up a creative, inquisitive door that the adult in me had closed years ago. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious! Thanks for the fun and inspiration!"

C. Giampa, Real Estate Broker

What an incredible tool for personal discovery and expansion! Fun plus creative exploration is a powerful formula for meeting and expressing your inner greatness and with Mastering the Art of Self-Expression, Laura Thoma has given us the perfect vehicle to take us on this journey. Now we can let go of figuring out HOW to connect with our authentic power because she makes it easy for us by giving us the exact recipes to follow. When I first received my review copy of this brilliant book, I didn't know what to expect and to say I was blown away is an understatement. I've been helping people unlock their true greatness for over 15 years and I can't wait to share Laura and her remarkable book with my entire community. This clever, insightful, remarkable guide is going to help so many people meet themselves, their true, brilliant selves!

Kristen Howe review on Amazon

The Best Part is . . . 

This workbook is SELF-LEVELING, meaning it will meet you where you are and grow with you! If you're brand new to journaling or personal growth, this workbook will help you get started. If you're someone who has been on a path of self-exploration for awhile, this workbook will meet you where you are as the recipes are designed to go as deep as you'd like. No matter if you're Creatively Challenged or Creatively Confident, this workbook will reconnect you to the power of your self-expression!

Mastering the Art of Self-Expression by Laura Thoma

Mastering the Art of Self-Expression by Laura Thoma

A Word From The Author

I developed Creative Journaling as I was ending my first career as a professional dancer. I was feeling lost and unsure of my creative abilities outside the world of dance. I turned to the creative activities I had loved as a child: cutting, pasting, coloring, and journaling. I allowed myself the freedom to play and explore with no rules. I started pasting all the pictures that caught my eye and allowed myself to doodle and draw without judgment. Slowly, I began to rediscover myself in the pages of my journal. As I began to share my experience with others, I realized how many people had “outgrown” their creative side. This worbook is for both the Creatively Challenged and the Creatively Confident!

Start FINDING YOURSELF in the pages of your journal and UNLEASH the power of your SELF-EXPRESSION! 


Mastering the Art of Self-Expression by Laura Thoma