Tag: memoir

Hurricane Street by Ron Kovic

Hurricane Street is the long awaited follow-up to Ron Kovic’s 1974 Born on the 4th of July, which Oliver Stone faithfully adapted into an award-winning movie under the same name in 1989. From the publisher: In the spring of 1974, as the last American troops were being pulled […]

From Here to Paris by Cris Hammond

This was such an enjoyable memoir, a wonderful escape into the life of someone who took a risk to start living the life he wanted. Cris Hammond followed a lead that his wife left taped to the bathroom mirror and radically changed their lives forever. From the publisher: […]

Hope Street, Jerusalem by Irris Makler

I enjoyed both the writing style and content of this memoir. Irris Makler is an international freelance correspondent from Sydney, Australia who has been based in London, Moscow, and now Jerusalem. She’s chased stories all over the world and was one of the first reporters in Afghanistan after […]