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Shiver Hitch by Linda Greenlaw (WildmooBooks.com)

Shiver Hitch by Linda Greenlaw

Shiver Hitch is New York Times Best Selling Author Linda Greenlaw’s third Jane Bunker mystery. The first was Slipknot (2007) and the second was Fisherman’s Bend (2008), both of which I read and enjoyed. Fans have had to wait nine long years for this new entry in Greenlaw’s […]

The Other F-Word by Natasha Friend

“That’s all they wanted, wasn’t it? Milo thought. To know where they came from? It wasn’t right, it wasn’t wrong, it just was.” In the 90s, test-tube babies, as babies conceived in vitro fertilization were called back then, were headline news and a huge topic of conversation in the LGBT community. I […]