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I’d love to see more people reading and talking about Willa Cather’s novels which is why I turned my personal plan of reading all twelve of Cather’s novels into a public reading challenge.

The Willa Cather Novel Reading Challenge

Below is a chronological list of links to the posts for the Willa Cather Novel Reading Challenge that I hosted in 2012. Each novel has two posts: an “introductory” post on the first day of the month and then a “thoughts & comments” post on the third Monday of the month.

If you’ve just found the challenge now, it’s never too late to take it on your own!  For a chronological list of Cather’s novels check out post #1.

  1. Take the Willa Cather Novel Reading Challenge
  2. Alexander’s Bridge: Book #1 Introduction
  3. Alexander’s Bridge: Thoughts & Comments
  4. O Pioneers!: Book #2 Introduction
  5. O Pioneers!: Thoughts & Comment
  6. The Song of the Lark: Book #3 Introduction
  7. The Song of the Lark: Thoughts & Comments
  8. My Antonia: Book #4 Introduction
  9. My Antonia: Thoughts & Comments
  10. One of Ours: Book #5 Introduction
  11. One of Ours: Thoughts & Comments
  12. A Lost Lady: Book #6 Introduction
  13. A Lost Lady: Thoughts & Comments
  14. The Professor’s House: Book #7 Introduction
  15. The Professor’s House: Thoughts & Comments
  16. My Mortal Enemy: Book #8 Introduction
  17. My Mortal Enemy: Thoughts & Comments
  18. Death Comes for the Archbishop: Book #9 Introduction
  19. Death Comes for the Archbishop: Thoughts & Comments
  20. Shadows on the Rock: Book #10 Introduction
  21. Shadows on the Rock: Thoughts & Comments
  22. Lucy Gayheart: Book #11 Introduction
  23. Lucy Gayheart: Thoughts & Comments
  24. Sapphira and the Slave Girl: Book #12 Introduction
  25. Sapphira and the Slave Girl: Thoughts & Comments
  26. Wrap-up Post


Learn More About Willa Cather

If you’d like to learn more about Cather I highly recommend these sites:

The Willa Cather Foundation:
If you’re interested in helping to preserve and enhance the resources for the appreciation & study of Willa Cather’s life and writings you can become a member of the Willa Cather Foundation here. I don’t get any kickbacks for recruiting people, I’m simply a fan and want to share the love.

Some recent Willa Cather news:



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